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AMHA USA Invites Texas Professionals to Join

AMHA was created to provide sensible, ethical alternatives to "managed" care for mental health.

AMHA members are dedicated to preserving the privacy and confidentiality of clients, and their choice of professionals and treatment methods.  

Participation offers members the opportunity, support and voice to work and live according to principles that protect both individual privacy and the psychotherapeutic process.

Any mental health professional who is licensed for independent practice and willing to adhere to these principles  can join AMHA-USA

These Irreducible Principles guide AMHA development:

  • People have the right to choose their own therapists.

  • Psychotherapy is a collaborative process between therapist and client in service of the client.

  • Therapists shall preserve client confidentiality.

  • Mental health professionals shall create an interdisciplinary community that promotes and supports competent and ethical practice.

Professional Benefits of Membership

Brief History of AMHA-USA

Guidelines for Chapter Development

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